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M&K Sound SUR55T THX Select Tripole Surround Speaker Pair

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The SUR55T is the most compact THX Tripole® solution we offer and is timbre-matched to any of the 750 Series speakers.

An ultra-compact speaker featuring our new 750 Series components, together with 2 dedicated side drivers operating in a dipole fashion, providing the most optimal cinematic surround sound available.

Featuring two 3” mid-tweeters on each side of the speaker oriented in dipole fashion, combined with the front-mounted 1” soft-dome tweeter and a 5.25” mid-woofer direct radiating, the SUR55T provides even distribution of sound throughout the listening area with pinpoint accuracy and an enveloping sound field.

Weight 4,7 kg
Dimensions 25,9 × 17,8 × 22,1 cm

Nominal system impedance: 4 ohm (Z-min 4.2 ohm)

Frequency Response: 80-20Khz (average response in-room +/- 3dB)

Recommended Amplifier Power: 25-200 watt

Sensitivity: 85 dB